Organizers: Dave Hoover, Jacob Richardson, Erik Benoist, Clem Bradley, Henry Bissonnette, Heather Corallo

Jun19Tue 12:00PM

Geekfest: Pontificating Quantification, Verifying Correctness in Software

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Pontificating Quantification: Verifying Correctness in Software by Aaron Bedra

While we continue to mature as an industry, there are still some things that we struggle with. One of these things is verifying that our software will perform as we expect it to. Join Aaron Bedra has he reflects on early computer science history with Hoare's original paper on correctness, and visits Bertrand Meyer's work with Eiffel. Aaron will take you on a tour of some modern approaches on proving correctness with both static and dynamic languages and how you can adopt some of these ideas in your own software to help you sleep better at night knowing your software does what you think it will.

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Groupon, 3rd floor training room

600 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60189

Who's Coming

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    • Dave H.
    • Christopher W.
    • Abhishek P.
    • Jean B.
    • Ryan K.
    • Michael C.
    • Jon H.
    • Geoff M.
    • Shay H.
    • Shane S.
    • Kristopher U.
    • Bo J.
    • Dean M.
    • Chris G.
    • Tom C.
    • Adam W.
    • Jim B.
    • Ginny H.
    • Ryan B.
    • David P.
    • Daniel L.
    • Dave M.
    • Eric M.
    • Robert B.
    • Todd W.
    • Erik B.
    • Noel R.
    • Tom D.
    • Scott M.
    • Kevin B.
    • Paul R.
    • Jason Y.
    • Ethan G.
    • Eric M.
    • Steve W.
    • Jenn A.
    • Ashish D.
    • Daniel M.
    • Jim C.
    • Anita L.
    • Peter M.
    • Marcell P.
    • Mohd I.
    • Chris P.
    • Tyshawn D.
    • Brian K.
    • Ed W.
    • Dominik S.
    • Gary F.
    • Malcolm N.
    • Keith W.
    • Carey B.
    • Darby F.
    • Anthony S.
    • Vlad H.
    • Radu B.
    • Tuomas A.
    • Jason S.
    • Michael L.
    • Samuel L.
    • M T.
    • Maria A.
    • Jeff F.
    • Kelvin X.
    • Lin Z.
    • Preeti M.
    • Tim K.
    • Jason S.
    • Sean M.
    • Colin H.
    • Mike B.
    • Amy C.
    • Kathryn S.
    • Mike J.
    • Chris H.
    • John R.
    • Randall W.

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