Organizers: Dave Hoover, Jacob Richardson, Erik Benoist, Clem Bradley, Henry Bissonnette, Heather Corallo

Jul17Tue 12:00PM

Geekfest: So you think you know JavaScript?

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So you think you know JavaScript? Guy Royse and Magnus Stahre

Many folks think they know JavaScript. They know the syntax and can manipulate the DOM. Maybe they have even used jQuery. But do they really know it? I thought I did until I started digging and discovered that JavaScript is more than just a toy language for web pages. It's a full-fledged functional programming language chock full of richness. In this session, targeted at false beginners, you will be introduced to some of this richness in an exciting game show format -- complete with prizes. You will learn about functions, objects, closures, and revealing modules. And you'll leave a more informed JavaScript programmer (unless, of course, you already knew JavaScript in which case you'll just leave with a prize).


Groupon, 3rd floor training room

600 W Chicago Ave

Who's Coming

Sorry, The Event is Closed!
    • Jean B.
    • Mohd I.
    • Jason Y.
    • Geoff M.
    • Robert B.
    • Annie R.
    • Agam P.
    • Chris P.
    • Scott M.
    • Eric M.
    • Cathy W.
    • Ariel G.
    • Ed W.
    • Eric M.
    • Dan L.
    • Mike B.
    • Dan G.
    • Sean M.
    • Noel R.
    • Ashish D.
    • Ryan K.
    • Shay H.
    • Chris H.
    • Joshua L.
    • John R.
    • Randall W.
    • Tunde O.
    • Ginny H.
    • Jeremy P.
    • Mark M.
    • Shane M.
    • Michael F.
    • Blaine S.
    • Malcolm N.
    • Turner K.
    • Adrian A.
    • Dave M.
    • Zachary F.
    • Shane S.
    • Dominik S.
    • Aaron K.
    • Brian E.
    • Peter P.
    • Cheryl C.
    • Brian Y.
    • Clem B.
    • Gary F.
    • Ben A.
    • Tim K.
    • Mike J.
    • Tom K.
    • Daniel Y.

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