Organizers: Dave Hoover, Jacob Richardson, Erik Benoist, Clem Bradley, Henry Bissonnette, Heather Corallo

May08Tue 12:00PM

Bootstrapping a Language by Aaron Bedra

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Creating a programming language is something every programmer should try at some point in their career. Join Aaron as he walks you through implementing a simple version of Scheme using the Ruby programming language. He will draw on some of the ideas from Peter Norvig, Gerald and Julie Sussman, and Hal Abelson. You will learn how a language works at it's core and walk away with your very own version of Scheme to experiment on to your hearts content.

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Groupon, 3rd floor training room

600 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60654

Who's Coming

Sorry, The Event is Closed!
    • Isaac S.
    • Mike C.
    • Jacob R.
    • Darby F.
    • Cathy W.
    • Eric M.
    • David P.
    • Daniel L.
    • Ben L.
    • Dave H.
    • Jon H.
    • Adam W.
    • Shane S.
    • Robert B.
    • Mike B.
    • Richie V.
    • Jean B.
    • Jeff L.
    • Bo J.
    • Naren C.
    • Jim B.
    • Nikhil H.
    • Abhishek P.
    • Eric M.
    • Alfonso R.
    • Tom D.
    • Eric M.
    • Dean M.
    • Chris H.
    • Christopher W.
    • Tom C.
    • Anita L.
    • Paul R.
    • Shay H.
    • Surya G.
    • Noel R.
    • Ed W.
    • Tim K.
    • Sean M.
    • Chris G.
    • Jason S.
    • Eric S.
    • Lauri R.
    • Jim C.
    • Kofi A.
    • Carl T.
    • Anthony S.
    • Andrew T.
    • Colin J.
    • Peter J.
    • Colin H.
    • Michael H.
    • Turner K.
    • Marek D.
    • Neil K.
    • Anthony C.
    • Dan G.
    • Rylan D.
    • Corey H.
    • Blake S.
    • Ethan G.
    • Ryan B.
    • Kevin B.
    • Anthony C.
    • Mike E.
    • Ashish D.
    • Jon P.

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